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Jan 18, 2013 12:00pm EST
and the defense and death of that industry can achieve in engineering. the site is insufficient and it wouldn't make sense to build a site so i think it is a rather simple question and what was learned in this particular instance was that the assumptions, the design assumptions, the factors with regard to externals defense that could occur didn't match the event that did occur. this was a once in a thousand year event that no one imagined, and the unimaginable happened. so the thought that must go into the engineering factors associated with construction in any disaster region needs to be executed very well. >> next question is a net fishery. the question is what is or should japan do to assess the long-term state of contamination and isn't affected? >> that's a great question and especially given the size of the fishery and the moment the fishery and the affected area is closed and there was a recent paper not so long ago showing that the level was sent really dropping as quickly as people had expected and the reason it wasn't expected is because we know little about the fate and transport o
Jan 17, 2013 9:00am EST
the board spending cuts, having defense, half in nondefense. republicans don't like it, democrats don't like it. that creates an opportunity. there's also the question of how long do you extend the debt limit. i think it would be incredibly foolish to renege on the debt of the united states. it would be enormous consequences. that is a losing proposition for everyone. but how long we extend the debt limit, that is open to negotiation. and between the two of how long you extend the debt limit, and number two, how you deal with the sequestered, gives you an opportunity for another attempt at a grand bargain. revenue and spending we strength, especially on the mandatory programs to get america back on track. we can do. we done much tougher things before. and this is our next opportunity to put america in a preeminent position in the world. if we solve this problem, there is nothing that can stop the united states from continuing to be the most important and dominant country in the world. thank you. [applause] >> thank you very much. senators conrad, senator gregg. we're going to open it up to q
Jan 17, 2013 12:00pm EST
the great council, criminal defense working side by side, then having them available to counsel you and for the c-span viewers who may not know why if you could elaborate and explain, as i've been able to understand it there were incentives for those that entered the job corps to be assigned prosecutors but they were to be stationed elsewhere and wasn't quite the rewards of a track that ended with flat officer for the senior judge and now you created that and it seems to me that both victim and the accused with falsely or rightly we want to have a system that convict someone on a fair manner that seems to me to be maybe the most important performance of the past few years, and my vision of what it takes to learn at a great larger side and you are a great lawyer and we may have been on the opposite side of an important case at one point, but cal -- what is the early result, and the other, how much do you think that will tell, can help, and what kind of patients do we need before we can see the effect of that solution? stat i appreciate your question and frankly you have done as good
Jan 15, 2013 5:00pm EST
that were run by the chavez party are former military officials, including four ministers of defense, who are now governors of their respective states. several of them are all along the office of the control campaign list because of their work with the farc so we have a situation where people are in control of things, so that even if henry embrey de four e elected president in this election it's the opposite -- he's the head of the opposition who ran against chavez and got a 45% to 55% but we are talking about to the even if he was to win, he still would have institutions that are controlled by the chavez government including the supreme court which we just pointed out, including the legislature that is dominated by the chavez government party and every every institution through and through because of the opposition workers that struck in 2002 and in 2003 were dismissed. so we have a situation where chavez will go on just because the nature of the detail of the beast is so rooted in all of the institutions that were indeed created and restructured by chavez. >> at some point that runs its
Jan 16, 2013 5:00pm EST
that was well stated. essentially if you have an area that is frown disaster, and the defense in-depth that on industry can achieve an engineering site there is insufficient, then it wouldn't make sense to build a site there. i think it's really a rather simple question. and i think what was learned in this particular instance was that the assumptions the design assumptions of factors with regard to external events that could occur department match the event that did occur. at the end of the day, this was once in a thousand year event that no one imagined. and the unimaginable happened. so i think the thought that must go in to the engineering factors associated with construction in my disaster prone region needs to be executed very well. >> okay. next question about fisheries. i think -- [inaudible] the question is what is japan what should or is japan doing beyond measuring radio in fish to assess the long-term contamination. is it effected? >> that's a great question, of course. especially given the size in fishery in japan. right now it's closed in the effected area. and ther
Jan 16, 2013 9:00am EST
your system is strong, and when you identify problems, you can use i think the first line of defense needs to be regulatory and supervisory authorities that not only the fed, but other organizations like the occ and the fcic and so on have as well. so you can address these problems using regulatory and supervisory authority. now, having said all that, as i was saying earlier, there's a lot of disagreement about what role of monetary policy plays in creating asset bubbles. it is not a settled issue. there's some people who think that it's an important source of asset bubbles but others do not. our attitude is that we need to be open-mindopen-mind ed about it and to pay close attention to what's happening and to the extent that we can identify problems, we need to address that. the federal reserve was created about 100 years ago now, 1913 was the law. not to be monetary policy, but rather to address financial interest. and that's we did of course in 2008-2009. and it's a difficult task, but i think going forward the fed needs to think about financial stability and monetary economic sta
Jan 16, 2013 12:00pm EST
based on the weather and based on the other defense. i will also just say this parade is a little bit different from what he might see at the macy's day parade. folks don't stop in front of the reviewing stand to do something this is a moving parade and there's too elements important for planning purposes for the media that will be covering that there is obviously the presidential lefcourt, the colonel discussed it goes with the limo down pennsylvania avenue to the white house. there is a short break after that before the parade begins. it's about 20 minutes. this is so the individuals, president, first family can come back out to the stand and be positioned for the first elements of the military and civilian units that are moved by the standard. >> [inaudible] >> you can probably speak to that the best to read >> as you can imagine for the participants in the parade with approximately 10,000 participants, it is a huge physical demands that happens. primero the staging is going to happen at the pentagon parking lot. they will go through secret service screening and security screens co
Jan 18, 2013 9:00am EST
donohue said defenses can be built among different groups, broad reform can be passed through the house. this is about an hour. >> good afternoon. my name is ali noorani, executive director of the national immigration forum and i want to thank everybody for joining us this afternoon for this press conference on the prospects and the growing momentum for immigration reform in the 113th congress. there are many important issues for the one in 13th congress to address. but there are few issues that have a past, a present and future of bipartisan support like immigration reform. today's event is another indicator of a new consensus on immigrants in america that emerge. to forge this new consensus, conservative leaders who hold a bible, wear a badge or own a business have worked over the last two years and gathered in the mountain west, the midwest and southeast to have rational conversations on how to make our nation, or how to move our nation forward on immigration. now, these leaders from the faith, law enforcement this is committees across the country are activating this consensus. today
Jan 22, 2013 8:00am EST
the second amendment right goes as far as to extend the right of self-defense that the supreme court found that you have in the home to when you leave the home is another question spirally. entirely. and i think, ultimately, probably the what happens in congress is not going to be greatly affected, is not going to be greatly constrained by what the supreme court is going to allow. i think the court on things like regulation of particular types of guns, waiting periods, background checks and things like that is, will probably be willing to -- we'll probably be willing to allow that sort of thing. >> i wallet you all to know that -- i want you all to know that i've opinion sending mash notes to my wife who's away. [laughter] i know this is a big appointment for you every day, you may not see nightly news tonight, but chuck todd actually had a report on what the president's going to recommend tomorrow, and i thought i would share that with you and get your reaction. beginning with you, congressman. universal background check, the president's going to push hard for that. prohibition of high ca
Jan 15, 2013 12:00pm EST
know that defense attorneys love it when there's a delay because the retrograde analysis has more and more contingencies that make it unreliable. >> that may -- >> you would much rather examine the state's expert, if, the sample was taken three hours than if it was after the arrest than one. i mean that's a given . . >> violation of the integrity of your home is somewhat less than the violation of the integrity of your body. >> well, i think that is certainly true, that is certainly true as well -- >> that goes into the reasonableness interpretation. >> right. >> and there is no doubt, i will not deny the state's case will be easier if it does not have to obtain warrant. but this court has recognized that many times in the past. criminal investigations are always easier if the state does not have to comply with the warrant process. >> before your time runs out, the case of the fingernail scraping has been raised. well, that's somebody going to scrape your finger nails, that's as intrusive as a blood test. >> well, i would say three things, your honor. i don't think it is as intrus
Jan 15, 2013 9:00am EST
there. >> henry -- [inaudible] defense industry north america. another slight german accent. [laughter] bruce, in your introduction you mentioned real and virtual. greg, you shortly touched on it. and i really believe when we talk about manufacturing renaissance, it's a software revolution. and, klaus, you mentioned it. it's your car, you don't use a drill anymore, you use a pc. it's where we send mini cooper, heavy rover up to mars, and the only way to do it is to really test it virtually a thousand times and then it happens. what does that really mean? what does it mean for corporate leaders, but what does it mean for educators? i think if we find this answer, manufacturing is super sexy. >> i think, i tell you, we were just building a gigantic complex, manufacturing complex in saudi arabia. so, and this is the first time that they have a full boxite mine, smelter, and then a rolling mill, and they can ship it right from there. so one of my big scares was how do we find local people and educate them? on 12/12/12, we hit the first metal, and so we are already manufacturing there. and
Jan 17, 2013 5:00pm EST
are not that much work for a defense that had nothing philadelphians are more murderous than many other folks. but when you have almost as many guns as you have people in this country invariably come and they end up in the hands of folks who should not have been. we try to pass in philadelphia and did get this will buy. the simple idea you have to report your weapon lost or stolen, if you had to make a claim to your insurance company, you have to report it stolen. the nra sued him a 100 day to decimate on the proudest moments of my entire political career. [applause] so it is a distraction in the distraction the nra and money and intimidating tag takes. we have to be prepared to fight back in similar ways, not what i talked about earlier. they have guided and done their best to underfund through congress the ats not confirm a director, take away ability to keep that information for law enforcement or process. if you're going to solve a problem, you need to know which you're going to solve solve any data and information. they've taken every possible step to block the agency or the cdc or anyon
Jan 22, 2013 12:00pm EST
by the federal government by the year 2025. that means the money that the government spends on national defense, transportation, veterans health care and other government programs will have to be borrowed, driving us even further into debt. c.b.o. issued a report last june which warned that unless we work to reduce our debt, we face the increased probability of a sudden fiscal crisis that would cause investors to lose confidence in the government's ability to manage its budget and the government would, thereby, lose its ability to borrow at these affordable rates. i don't want to experience the day when our creditors decide we're no longer credit-worthy and america has to suffer the same consequences as the countries who have ignored their debt crisis. we need look no farther than the current situation than countries in europe to see what high-level national debt will do to a country's economic health. last week one of the major credit rating agencies, fitch, warns that america risks the lose -- losing its triple a rating if congress fails to agree to a credible plan. fitch's warning is another
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13